Ulster University

Gerry Blake & Jane McClenaghan

  1. Thursday 12 March
  2. 15:00
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

Gerry Blake is an outstanding photographer; Jane McClenaghan is a distinguished nutritionist. Together they share an evangelical enthusiasm for growing local produce and the joy of healthy eating.

In their ‘teatime talk’ they will chat together about the history of community gardens, Gerry’s photographic work with community groups and garden spaces in Berlin and Dublin, and Jane will give a ‘quick and easy’ cookery demonstration, using the sort of foods one might grow in a community garden or allotment - local, seasonal, sustainable and healthy.

They will give examples from their experiences in Dublin and Belfast, discussing how community gardens can help to build better health, alongside a sense of belonging and well-being.

Gerry Blake is a photographer based in County Wicklow. He recently completed a Masters degree at the Belfast School of Art. His current work, The Grey and The Green, looks at the proliferation of urban community gardens. It depicts the contrasts between city and land, environmental awareness, and economic imperative. He considers the growth of community gardening as an alternative form of economic activity that brings with it the incentive to grow healthy food, and the opportunity for rewarding work.

Jane McClenaghan studied Food Science at the University of Reading, and Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. She worked alongside some of the UK’s foremost nutrition experts – Patrick Holford, Marilyn Glenville and Ian Marber (Food Doctor) to name a few.

She set up Vital Nutrition in 2001 and since then has helped thousands of people make easy, manageable changes to their diets with a view to achieving a better state of health and wellbeing, supporting people with a variety of health issues, but has a special interest in hormone balance, adrenal support (stress and exhaustion) and fertility issues.

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