Ulster University

Paddy Bloomer

Kinetic performance

  1. Friday 13th
  2. 16:00
  3. T13, Titanic Quarter
  1. Free Public Performance

In 1987 the Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss made a half hour film about their chain reaction artwork called The Way Things Go – an art installation involving a long causal chain assembled of everyday objects. It was in a warehouse, about 100 feet long, and incorporated materials such as tires, ladders, soap, oil drums, old shoes, water, and gasoline; with fire and pyrotechnics used as chemical triggers.

Since then it has been copied, parodied and imitated, most famously in a Honda car advertisement. Paddy Bloomer will lead a group of sculpture students in a mission to kick life into everyday objects. Governed only by the laws of physics, the team will choreograph a kinetic ceili, with anything they can manage to acquire from the darkest corners of T13.

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