Ulster University

Peter Maybury

Messages sonores

  1. Tuesday 10 March
  2. 14:30
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

The Festival of Art & Design has invited the distinguished designer and artist Peter Maybury to direct a special edition of his on-going project, Messages Sonores for this year’s programme—a participatory field recording activity.

Messages Sonores involves the collecting of recordings of everyday sounds—from the street, birds, footsteps or domestic noises—conversation, pouring water, sweeping the floor. Peter will collate these sounds using simple editing techniques and then sequence/compose them to suggest movement through space and the passing of time.

You will be loaned an audio-recorder to use over a one-week period. Peter will then edit and compile these recordings, and produce an edition of 100 CDs for distribution. Six editions have been produced to date.

Peter will be in conversation with Christopher Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design at Ulster University. They will be chatting about the idea of 'recording' in all its forms (or the impulse to do so). What we think we’re doing, and what we’re actually doing—looking at the process of capture, store and release.

When it boils down to it, is making music, field recordings, designing a book, printed matter or documenting with film and video, essentially the same thing?

They’re each about trying to get to a source energy, and to capture and in some way charge the content or amplify aspects of it, making an ‘object’ that is a storage device that later releases that energy. In a music performance this process is instantaneous—playing is physical and emotional energy transfer—literally pushing air at the receiver. An audience can feel this energy physically as well as, emotionally.

Christopher worked for over a decade as a publisher at Fällt Publishing a publishing house specialising in experimental music, design and criticism. Fällt released Maybury's CD Land, Live @ Rausch in the early 2000s. Christopher also curated Invisible Cities, a sound installation featuring sonic portraits of cities all over the world.