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Power, Practitioners & Protocols

Examining the role and position of ethics within practitioner-led arts

Produced by the Sheelagh Foundation In partnership with the Festival of Art & Design

  1. Wednesday 11 March
  2. 13:00 - 14:00
  3. Meeting at South Belfast Alternatives Office, 33 Donegall Pass, Belfast BT7 1DQ

Examining the role and position of ethics within practitioner-led arts.

In recent years the number of arts practitioners working in the community who have continued their academic studies to master or doctoral level has risen. With this should have come a more ethical and sustainable pedagogical policy but arguably, this has not been the case.

AR Woollock, Ph.D. candidate, Queen's University Belfast, will discuss community/socially-engaged arts highlighting a recent example of best-practice in Donegall Pass with the community and South Belfast Alternatives.

A visual artist turned educator, Andrew has spent fourteen years in the Japanese university sector teaching sociology, international relations and environmental issues through art. He holds a Masters in Photography from Nottingham Trent University, and a Masters in Education from the University of Southern Queensland.  Andrew seeks to call into question both the pre-established norms of what and who defines Truth and the potential of visual arts to disrupt and confront the status quo, and to further empower the individual as an agent of social change. Andrew Woollock

The event will include a discussion and walking tour and a light lunch will be provided.

Andrew and South Belfast Alternatives will also take part in a special event, on 18th March 2015, at the Donegall Pass Community Centre, as part of a UK-wide connected conversation of 1000+ people over 10 days exploring different art practices in participatory settings.

Ulster University’s Festival of Art & Design 2015 invited the Sheelagh Foundation to programme a series of special events which are the result of years-worth of conversations in all kinds of corners, nooks and crannies.

The Sheelagh Foundation is a for-profit artist's collective of one conceived by Belfast-based artist and agitator Sheelagh Colclough. Sheelagh has fifteen years of experience as an arts facilitator, trainer, producer, programmer and researcher. Sheelagh's work has led her to examine the hierarchies of state-sanctioned social interventions present in many community and collaborative art projects from which the Sheelagh Foundation was born.

The Festival of Art & Design is very proud to present this series of walks, talks, tours and discussions in partnership with the Sheelagh Foundation.

The Sheelagh Foundation

Photo Credit: AR Woollock