Ulster University

Strangford Integrated College

Part of The Belfast International Festival of Performance Art

  1. Thursday 12 March
  2. 10:00 - 11:00
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.
  1. Free Public Performance

In the weeks preceding the Festival, students from Strangford Integrated College have been working with the artists Peter Morgan Barnes, Alastair Maclennan and Jayne Cherry to create six short works.

This programme of outreach activity discards the widely held pre-conception that young people can’t enjoy and grasp the artform at secondary level. This is the third year that we have run this programme with young people, and it has demonstrated that performance art can be accessible, exhilarating and fun.

In creating these tyro pieces the students have had the chance to see how performance artists develop their work, and have learnt what to expect from the artform.

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