Ulster University

Trish Belford, Barbara Dass & Beth Milligan

  1. Monday 9 March
  2. 16:00
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

Archives are valuable treasures and at Ulster University Trish Belford has worked extensively with two very different archives, collaborating with other artists and putting different processes into practice.

Firstly, the Turnbull and Stockdale Shadow Tissue archive (a fabric made from warp yarns that have been printed prior to weaving). They date back to the 1920’s and were revisited by Trish, along with weaver Beth Milligan, using print techniques and weave experimentation. They looked at the historical development of archive samples in order to generate a new series of samples, culminating in a stunning book, funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Secondly, the Borris Lace archives were made available to Trish Belford and Barbara Dass. They worked together to create an artwork combining both print and weave. The piece is called Warped Destruction and it was first exhibited at the Carlow Arts festival in 2013.

Trish will lead the three-way conversation with Beth and Barbara as they discuss their work on the two archive projects using samples and materials to illustrate the development of their work. They will show the preliminary workings, notebooks and final lengths that resulted from the projects.