Ulster University

Wine, Music Art

  1. Saturday 14 March
  2. 19:30
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

The return of the ever-popular sensorial experience combining the rich talents of our three guests who will transport you on an exquisite journey of wine, music and art.

Master of Wine, Jane Boyce, will introduce six wines from around the world. Her inimitable style combines extraordinary knowledge with an eloquence that makes wine-tasting beautifully apparent and a real joy.

Frank Lyons is Professor of Music at Ulster University, a distinguished composer and sometime guitarist. His musical selections are drawn from a broad palate combining the famous with the little known – from Mozart to Mark Ronson.

Mike Catto is a distinguished art historian, film critic and collector of comics. His repertoire of images and objects is sure to be an uplifting and enlightening experience to arouse the visual senses.

This year’s event is based on the theme of Festivals. Each guest has chosen a festival on which to base their aural, visual or gustatory offering. They will each complement one and others selections to stimulate an all-round sensorial delight.