Ulster University

Alastair Creamer, Anna Sundt & Hans Hansen

How can people working in the arts transfer their skills profitably into the business world?

  1. Friday 13 March
  2. 14:00 - 15:30
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

We’ve brought together a former musician with an obsession for hand-writing, an artist with a chartership in business psychology, and a Texan Professor who gets people off Death Row. Together they will demonstrate how skills habitually used in the arts can hold the key to helping businesses come up with new perspectives and ways to tackle issues in their workplace.

How can a painter, actor, musician, poet or photographer put their skills to valuable use, in a commercial environment? What insight and creative thinking can you bring to solve business problems?

Alastair, Anna and Hans have vast experience in applying imagination and innovation to bring about change, stimulate new thinking and refresh people’s attitude to difficult issues. They will use this session to demonstrate how creative skills can be applied in new settings.

Before starting his own consultancy, Alastair worked for seven years at Unilever where he founded and developed Catalyst, acknowledged as one of the most innovative in-house programmes of creative training and inspiration, which won several awards. Before that he spent 12 years in the arts and a further 6 in other businesses including being Sainsbury’s first Arts Sponsorship Manager. He was also Dean of Faculty at the London College of Music and Media.

Anna Sundt has worked around the world and in many different businesses and industries. At the heart of all her projects are people - and her belief that when you put the right people in the right role, with the right skills at the right time, they fly... "everyone has unique talents and special qualities and the challenge I enjoy most is helping businesses engage those talents in an increasingly complex, ambiguous and uncertain world. Over the last few years I have focused on the potential for the arts to solve business problems and unlock people’s creativity, energy and emotions."

Hans Hansen is a narrative theory storyteller. Amongst many things, he is involved in the Texas Project for Human Rights Education and has been widely acknowledged for his research and dedication in advocating for justice in the death penalty system. In short, his work on death penalty defence teams, constructing and articulating the stories of those on trial, has significantly reduced the number of prisoners sentenced to death in Texas.