Ulster University

Alastair Creamer with Wendy Austin

  1. Friday 13 March
  2. 08:30
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

Alastair Creamer is the Director of Creamer & Lloyd, a dynamic consultancy that, amongst other things, orchestrates creative solutions to business problems. It uses the power of culture and arts-based learning to inject critical insight into business strategies.

Before starting his own consultancy, Alastair worked for seven years at Unilever where he founded and developed Catalyst, acknowledged as one of the most innovative in-house programmes of creative training and inspiration, which won several awards. Before that he spent 12 years in the arts and a further 6 in other businesses including being Sainsbury's first Arts Sponsorship Manager. He was also Dean of Faculty at the London College of Music and Media.

The consultancy draws on its long association with the arts, artists and creative thinkers, to pioneer 'parallel worlds', tackling business issues using the most inspiring, creative and complementary process to bring the learning to life... "it’s experiential - the learning sticks."

"How you communicate is an expression of how you operate as a business. It’s one of the ways in which a company culture reveals itself – intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore you've got to get it right. We help our clients really think about the stories they want to tell and the channels they should use to tell them. We work on the principle of more show, less tell."

Alastair will talk about how artists and creative thinkers can come up with new perspectives for business, finding motivating and effective ways to help crack difficult issues, bring about change, inspire staff, and in the end – reap profit in several different ways.

Local companies Cunningham Coates and Herbert Smith will illustrate how they have teamed up beneficially with the creative world in Northern Ireland, and Dr. Wendy Austin MBE will steer a three-way conversation with the panel members.

Breakfast will be provided.