Ulster University

Clare Gallagher & Peter Neill

Portfolio Reviews

  1. Saturday 14 March
  2. 11:00 - 13:00
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.

Are you an aspiring photographer? These one-to-one portfolio reviews are an opportunity for you to present your photographs and get advice on progress, editing, selection and presentation.

Clare and Peter are interested in seeing photographic work, either finished or as work-in-progress, and looking at projects on a range of themes. Images may be shown as prints, sketchbooks or digital files on a laptop or tablet (please bring your own). Bear in mind that time limitation means that projects may need to be presented selectively rather than in full.

Clare studied photography in London, Canterbury and Belfast, receiving an MFA Photography with distinction. A photography lecturer since 2003, Clare is also working on a practice-based PhD on the domestic everyday in photography.

Peter Neill is currently Course Director of the BA(Hons) Photography course at Ulster University. He was a founding member of Photo Works North and Source magazine and is a Board member of The Gallery of Photography in Dublin. He exhibits extensively both locally and internationally.

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